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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The primary objective of this project is to develop technologies that can be used widely for sensing the target.

Wireless Technology and automation is an emerging field of study. Robots play a key role in commercial as well as military applications. This project is mainly targeted to develop system that is used for sensing of target from a distant source using GPS technology.

Brief Methodology:

This project can be mainly consists of the following blocks - ARM Cortex, GPRS and GPS systems, voice processing unit - APR 9620 and stepper motor.

The ARM Cortex forms the central unit of the entire system on the target side. The lately developed wireless and GPS and GPRS technologies aid in providing wireless communication between the source and destination.

There exists a GPRS modem with the PC that is able to sense the exact position in terms of the latitude and longitude of the object. The PC uses software tools like google maps and google earth to predict the exact location of the target.

The target to be sensed has always an inbuilt GPS and GPRS system that aid the sender to map the exact location of the target. The GPS and GPRS system are controlled by the ARM Cortex. There is also stepper motors interfaced to the ARM Cortex that aids in movement of the system if the target is subjected to surface motion

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