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Published on Aug 21, 2023


This project is developed for the users to control a Robot through Cell phone. The user can control all the operations of the Robot like moving forward, moving left, moving right, moving backward, hand up/down etc..

This teleremote circuit which enables controlling the operations through DTMF signal. It can be used to control the robot from any distance, overcoming the limited range of infrared and radio remote controls.

The Tele remote circuit can be used to control upto 9 operations(corresponding to the digits 1 through 9 of the cellphone key-pad). The DTMF signals on cellphone instrument are used as control signals.

The digit '0' in DTMF mode is used to toggle between the appliance mode and normal cellphone operation mode. Thus the cellphone can be used to control operations also while being used for normal conversation.

The circuit uses IC 8870 (DTMF to BCD converter), PIC16F73 Microcontroller (4 to 16 line demultiplexer). The overall operation of this circuit is controlled by the Microcontroller(Programmed for demultiplexer).

A cellphone is connected with the Robot through DTMF decoder circuit. When the user operates the robot using cellphone, the cellphone connected with the robot receives the DTMF signal and the decoder circuit decodes the signal and sends digital signal to the microcontroller.

The microcontroller sends signal to the controlling circuit thereby controlling the operations of the robot. The microcontroller programming is written in Assembly language

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