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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The Embedded Technology is now in its prime and the wealth of knowledge available is mind-blowing. This needs to tie up the various sources of the Department in a closed loop system.

This project puts forth the first step in achieving the desired target.

When the student sends a sms through mobile to our control unit, gsm modem receives the sms. Here we can control the gsm modem by the AT (AUTOMATIC TELLER )Command . after getting the sms from gsm modem, it sends the messege to the controller unit.Level converter is used to convert the logic level.(i.e). gsm modem receives the sms in +12v logic. But it sends the sms to control unit via level conveter unit in+5v logic.

When receives the sms from the mobile handler, control unit sends the books information in the library to the students automatically

We used LCD display for user interaction

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