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Published on Aug 21, 2023


This project is developed for the users to analyze the temperature of devices in wireless manner using microcontroller.

It consists of two modules. One module is connected with LCD display and the other module is connected at the particular area where the temperature is controlled(Sensor unit).

A temperature sensor is connected with the microcontroller kit(sensor module). The sensor senses the temperature and sends signal to the microcontroller. Accordingly the microcontroller controls a multichannel RF Transmitter. The RF transmitter transmits RF signals accordingly.

A multi channel RF Receiver is connected with the microcontroller kit. The Receiver receives the RF signal and analyses the signal and displays the value in the LCD through LCD driver.

By this way, the temperature of the particular device is monitored in a remote place using Radio frequency waves.

The microcontroller used is PIC16F73 and the microcontroller program is written in assembly language

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