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Published on Sep 18, 2019

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1. A Report On International Business Operations of ONGC & OVL

2. A Report on Study Of International Marketing

3. Export Prospects Of Alcoholic Beverages To Russia,Ukraine and Uzbekistan


5. Liner Activities of Shagai Logistics

6. The Credit Crunch and its impact on the property market in the UK

7. International services and India

8. Internationalizing to the UK: a resource based perspective

9. Outward FDI and Trade Performance

10. Internationalization of banks: The consumer perspective

11. Internationalization process of Big Image Systems AB

12. Analysis of the Commercial Relations between Sweden and Latin America

13. Internationalisation of companies

14. The internationalisation process of the firm: a case study

15. Product Cycles for Sweden's Export of Machinery goods

16. Supplier Relationship Management: Developments in Co-operative Initiatives

17. How to find an international business partner?

18. Using Value Chain Analysis to Manage Consumer Confidence in IT Knowledge Services

19. Strategies in Telecommunications Industry during Privatization Process towards Competition - The Case of Thailand

20. Sustainable IOC - Sustainable Society

21. The Impact of Inflation on Business and Trade: a case study of Ghana and Canada

22. The Driving Force of Swap Spreads

23. Essays in Trade and Development

24. Valuing Companies in Emerging Markets - The Case of Nigeria

25. Reward Systems and Strategy

26. The Pros and Cons of Business Intuition in Strategic Decision Making

27. Innovative ways to finance telecommunication in developing countries

28. Key Success Factors for Ericsson Mobile Platforms using Porter's Value Chain model

29. Emerging Role of Teams in Multicultural Organizations

30. Growth factors of Service based internet commerce in South Asian markets

31. Foreign Direct Investment in cohesion to employment

32. The Culturally Intelligent Negotiator: The Impact of CQ on Intercultural Negotiation Effectiveness

33. Indian Business Ventures abroad

34. Foreign Collaborations in India A Study of Patterns in the Pre and the Post- liberalisation Era

35. The Performance of Global Business Teams within Multinational Corporations: The Test of an Intervening Process Model

36. Imperatives, Challenges and Task Requirements of Becoming a Global Player: The Case of India

37. The global political economy of transnational corporations: a theory of asymmetric interdependence

38. The use of print ads for an international brand

39. Business Negotiations in the New China: same same but different

40. The impact of culture on business negotiations between Swedish and US businessmen: a case study of two Swedish businessmen

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