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Published on Aug 21, 2023


Several methods have been adopted for laminating the cards, books, notes, and other important documents, etc. We have designed and developed a system so called as LAMINATION MACHINE. The system can be used in the Xerox shops and other stationary shops. Lamination machine using microcontroller finds its application in the small scale industries. The lamination machine is easy to operate and the system is reliable.

The lamination machine system consists of following components like heater, relay driver circuit, microcontroller, stepper or servo driver circuit, stepper motor or servo motor and a machine. The microcontroller is the heart of the lamination system machine. The microcontroller sends the signal to the motor unit as well as to the heater unit.

The card or the book which is to be laminated is to be placed over the lamination machine along with the lamination paper. After placing the card, the microcontroller sends the signal to the relay driver circuit which in turn enables the relay connected to a heater unit. Now, the heater is ON condition .

Simultaneously, the microcontroller sends the signal to the stepper or servo motor driver circuit to enable the motor. Once, when the heat is applied to the card, the motor will operate such that, it fully runs over the card.

The card gets laminated by this process. After finishing this process the alarm will be activated. We can use either stepper motor or servo motor to perform the above mentioned process.

By using this project the output of the lamination quality is improved. In this project we would like to implement it with the microcontroller Atmel 89c51, which is an advanced version of Intel 8051 or microchip PIC microcontroller. Both are eight bit microcontroller. We prefer to choose servo motor to control the lamination machine. When we use servo motor, the cost of production will be very low.


• Easy to operate.

• Fast response.

Less time consuming

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