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Published on Sep 16, 2019


Painting is a very good art to do. There are many painting industry available in the market having so many dealers with so many designs. Painting the house or any other area should be a pleasing one. The person will get attracted by the painting in the particular place.

Mixing process is a part of production mechanism in many painting industries. When mixing of different materials in large quantities is done manually, the time is consumed to attain our goal. Particularly in painting industries we have to generate thousands of colors with the combination of seven or eight colors.

We can have so many colors which are more attractive and a pleasing one. To get accurate and a desired color combination we thought of doing our project related to that. The design and fabrication of a small size mixer will acquires these advantages. We have designed and developed a system called as PAINT MIXER MACHINE. The paint mixer machine system performs its operation successfully with the help of the microcontroller unit.

The paint mixer machine system consists of a microcontroller, LCD display, keypad, relay driver circuits, relays, solenoid valves, and two pipe lines. We will be having two tanks whose output is controlled by a microcontroller unit.

The desired target value of the mixture is entered through the keypad. The percentage level of the paints and the color are entered through the keypad and it is indicated in the display unit.

According to our need the microcontroller sends the signal to the relay driver circuits. This in turn enables the relays which are connected to the solenoid valves. The solenoid valves operate the pipe line 1 and 2. This in turn delivers the required amount of paints to the mixture tank to reach our target. Thus accurate color of the mixture in particular proportion is obtained through this mechanism

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