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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The objective of Automatic Petrol Bunk project is to provide easy access and save time in the petrol bunk


This project is made the automated petrol bunk. The customer need not wait in the petrol bunk. It reduces the time as well as man power.


This project is designed with microcontroller, Embedded or RFID card, RFID reader, Relay driver circuit with relay and keypad.

In this project the customer having the RFID card. The card is nothing magnetic member is embedded in the card. The reader circuit generates majestic signal to read the majestic number.

When customer shows this card on the reader, the reader reads that majestic number and given the corresponding signal to microcontroller. In microcontroller we have already programmed.

So it checks the number wheather it is related to Hindus than Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum or Reliance Petroleum card corresponding information is displayed on the LCD display.

The keypad is used to enter the quantity of petrol. In microcontroller we already set time for liters. When you entered the designed quantity on the keypad the microcontroller activates the relay driver for that particular time period.

The driver circuit is used to turn ON, turn OFF the relays. Relay output is directly connected to petrol pump.

So it pumps the petrol as per our designed quantity entered in the keypad. The petrol quantity and their corresponding cost are displayed on the LCD display. Hence this project made the automated petrol bunk in coder to save time and manpower.

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