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Published on Aug 21, 2023


This project is developed for the users to rotate the back wheel of a two wheeler using propeller shaft. Usually in two wheelers, chain and sprocket method is used to drive the back wheel.

But in this project, the Engine is connected at the front part of the vehicle. The shaft of the engine is connected with a long rod. The other side of the long rod is connected with a set of bevel gears.

The bevel gears are used to rotate the shaft in 90 o angle. The back wheel of the vehicle is connected with the bevel gear(driven). Thus the back wheel is rotated in perpendicular to the engine shaft. Thus the two wheeler will move forward.

According to the direction of motion of the engine, the wheel will be moved forward or reverse. This avoid the usage of chain and sprocket method


• Engine

• Long rod

• Set of bevel gears

• two wheeler


This setup is very cheap.

It avoids wear and tear of chain and sprocket

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