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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The object of Coffee Maker project is to make coffee automatically with out human interference. This project is designed with Microcontroller Mechanical arrangement, solenoid calves and DC Motors.

In this project we are using two tanks in which one tank contain the Milk and another one contain the Coffee Powder. These tanks are opening through a motor arrangement and solenoid valve and they all controlled by Microcontroller.

In microcontroller we have to program for the ration in between the Milk and Coffee Powder and the volume per stroke output.

Key pad is connected to the microcontroller. So it we press the key the signals is given to microcontroller so it activates the DC Motor and it will be in on condition up to the set volume.

The set volume can be achieved through the time and flow relational equations. This motor is connected in tank valve, so Milk and Coffee Powder are mixed in the ratio as per mentioned. After the set time the microcontroller deactivate driver so motor is switched OFF. Now we can get the coffee.

This project is mainly used in the complex shop. It does not require any Man and also we can save time.

This project will optionally available with the desired input for ratio calculation, volume and other necessary items. This is a microcontroller based project so the accuracy and the precision are very high. It is less power consuming part

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