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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The project entitled Pneumatic high speed reciprocating hack saw is used to cut ply wood in high speed. The main parts in this project are Rotating blades, Gear and wheel setup, Reciprocating rod and Hack saw.

The vanes in the turbine are rotated with constant speed.

The gear setup can be adjusted to control the speed of the fly wheel. A Reciprocating rod is connected with the fly wheel. The Reciprocating rod will move to and fro when the fly wheel is rotated.

The hack saw is connected with the reciprocating rod.

When the reciprocating rod moves to and fro, the Hack saw will be moving with the rod. The ply wood to be cut is placed under the hack saw on a movable table. The table can be moved horizontally. Thus the ply wood can be cut without any external energy like fuel or current.

Since this uses no electric power and fuel, this is very cheap and best

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