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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The objective of Digital Drips Monitor & Alarm project is to count the IV drips for a patients with help of an embedded Micro controller.

This project is designed with Microcontroller, IR Transmitter and Receiver, Key pad, display and Driver Circuits for Alarm.

Here the Microcontroller may be Atmal 89C51 or PIC Microcontroller both are flash type reprogrammable Microcontrollers

Infrared Transmitter is the one type of LED generally called IR. When supply is given to this LED it generate and transmitting the infrared rays. Similarly IR Receiver is used to receive to receive such a type of infrared rays Transmitted by IR Transmitter. Here one important point is note that IR receiver should be placed straight line to IR Transmitter.

In this project IV drips tube is placed in between IR Transmitter and Receiver, these two connected to Microcontroller through signal conditioning unit.

Initially when switch ON power supply the IR Transmitter passing the IR rays to the Receiver now the signal conditioning unit gives active low pulse to the Micro controller. Whenever the drop comes in between the IR Transmitter and Receiver it blocks the rays.+

So the signal conditioning unit gives high pulse to the Micro controller. The high and low pulses can be interchanged with the help of the signal conditioning circuit. The counter in the inside microcontroller will count these pulse by enabling with the software. These count value is equal to number of drops comes from the bottle.

In micro controller we have already set drips value with the help of keypad. For an example it we set the drips value is 100 drops. The Microcontroller will count the drop values it the drop value comes to 100, the micro controller automatically activate the driver circuit in which the alarm is connected.+

Now the alarm will make the sound and gives indication to the staff for set value is reached. Corresponding we can know the count value on the LCD display.

This project is very useful in the hospital to know the drips values for patients

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