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Published on Aug 21, 2023


Here we have fabricated the single cylinder double acting pump. It's a new innovative concept. This equipment has been used in the pneumatic powered equipments such as pneumatic cylinder, etc,...

This project is very useful to produce the air instead of replacing the compressor to operate the pneumatically operated equipments. In this equipment we have using the pneumatic cylinder and air tank for making of such operations. It is very much helpful for many industries to reduce the cost to produce the compressed air.


The project consist the following parts

• Pneumatic cylinder

• Motor

• Cam

• Air tank


The pneumatic cylinder's piston is connected to the cam disc's shaft. The cam disc is connected to the motor shaft. The motor is used to rotate the cam. Using the cam's rotary motion the pneumatic cylinder is operated to the linear motion (i.e forward and reverse).

The pneumatic cylinders two inlet ports are connected to the four non return valves, the non-return valves are have, the two non return valves are connected always the air tank, another two non-return valves are connected to the pneumatic cylinder only.

The motor start rotates then the pneumatic cylinder reciprocates forward and reverse, during this motion the atmospheric air is sucked and send through the air tank, the air tank contains two side in the non-return valve so the air can't be come out from the air tank.

The stored air is used for the required applications. This project is very much useful for small scale industries, etc

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