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Sight Seeing App with Android

Published on Sep 03, 2023


In the current scenario there isn’t any application that would help a tourist to get information about the place they are currently visiting in their mobile phone.Our application Sight Seeing is aimed to solve this problem.

In current tourism system, whenever a tourist visits famous spots, to know more about the place he hires a guide. The hired guide then narrates history of the place. The proposed system doesn’t require a physical guide. The Mobile application installed on the mobile of tourist can act as a guide.Without having a guide, it will help one to get information of the place in their mobile and check out the nearest places also with the help of our application.

Mobile Technology is now set to help boost tourism in various fields. It will be used to apply mobile applications technology to create specific visitor information for tourist attractions to effectively turn the tourist's mobile phone into their very own personalized tour guide. Mobile phone technology presents huge potential for the future of visitor interpretation at tourist attractions. People want fast, efficient and easy access to information of all kinds and tourism is no different. While tourism presents considerable potential for the use of new mobile technologies, we currently have little understanding of how tourists organize their activities or of the problems they face. This project presents an ethnographic study of city tourists' practices that draws out a number of implications for designing tourist technology.

Existing System:

1. Existing tourism information systems only provide information about facility and site map a tourist attraction. a lot of tourists from other cities or country will have a trouble finding the attraction they want to go because of not knowing the route to go there

2. Online Travel Guide consists of several sub-systems that designed into a complex system to facilitate the tourists visiting the tourist attraction

3. A good design of the system is required to optimize it despite its novel size and complexity

Proposed System

2.1 To provide best travelling services to the customers and travel agents.

2.2 To provide a search platform where a tourist can find their tour places according to their choices.

2.3 To promote responsible and interesting tourism so that people can enjoy their holidays at their favorable places.

2.4 To develop tourism with different cultures so that they enrich the tourism experience and build pride.

2.5 To create and promote forms of tourism that provide healthy interaction opportunities for tourists and locals and increase better understanding of different cultures, customs, lifestyles, traditional knowledge and believes.

2.6 To provide a better way to connect with various events.

2.7 Information on tourist attractions, cities, and provinces.

2.8 Map and navigation system.

2.9 Temperature and weather information.

2.10 Searching places based on location.

2.11 Ability to create a personal profile and keep a history of visited places.

2.12 Ability to create content, share experiences and comment on tours and places.


1. User Login

2. State list

2.1 About the state

2.2 Attractions in the state

2.2.1 Place list Activities in the Place Hotels in the place How to reach that place

2.3 Travel Agent details

2.4 Search by field

2.4.1 Search by Beaches

2.4.2 Search by Temples

2.4.3 Search by Theme parks

2.4.4 Search by Shopping Malls

2.4.5 Search by Historical Places

2.5 Gallery

3. User Comments

4. Review Field

5. Search Field

1. User Login

This is the first module of the system. If a user is using the application in first time he can register with the application and he can log in to the application by using his user name and password. The registration details can be stored in to the database

2. State list

After the user login the user can enter into the user home page.
The user home page contains the state list as a scroll view. it contain all states as a image button. User can select the state that he want to know about the places in there

2.1 About the state

If the user select a state the application move to the home page of the selected states. The home page of state contain many buttons. First button is show details about the state. It contain the history, transportation details, seasons, climate etc.

2.2 Atractions in the state

The State home contain a second button is called attractions in the state. This field contain the main attractive location of the place. It shown as image button. If we select any button it will move to the selected place

2.2.1 Activities in the states

If the user select any place in the list. It will move to the home page of that place. the home page contain 3 switches. The fist switch is the Activities in the Place. It will give a detailed description of the place and important activity to see in that place and the time required to reach there also

2.2.2 Hotels in the place

The second button contain the field of Main Hotel in that place. this field is help to book their rooms for users

2.2.3 How to Reach That Place

The third button contain how to reach that place. it will help the user to reach there safely. And also provide the details of nearest airport, railway station , transportation available to reach there etc.

2.3 Travel Agent Details

This button provide the detail of all approved travel agents in the selected state. It will help the user to book the cab before reach the place. it will make tension free for the users

2.4 Search by field

Search by field provide a advanced option to the user. The search Button contain 5 button for search the search fields are given billow

2.4.1 Search by Beaches

This field provide the all beaches in the selected state. The field is provide as a image view

2.4.2 Search by Temples

This search field provide the list of all temples in the state. This field provide as a image view field. And also provide a text field for provide a description about the temple. It will help the traveler to know more about the temple

2.4.3 Search by Theme parks

The search field provide the list of theme park in the selected state. It will help the traveler to feel the fun with his family

2.4.4 Search by shopping mall

This search field provide the main shopping malls in the selected state. It is provided as a image field with address and phone number. This field help the traveler to experience the better shopping.

2.4.5 Search by Historical Places

This search field provide the Historical places in that state. it will provide as the image field and also provide a text field for giving a description about the historical places. This field help the Traveler to know the history of that place

2.5 Gallery

Gallery field provide the images of main tourist attractions in the selected state. this field is help the tourist to know more about the places and also feel the beauty of the places

3 User Comments

This commend field is user for adding the comments of the user. he can commend anything about app, places, advantages of the app, disadvantage of the app, anything. This contain two text fields. Name field and comment field

4 Review Field

This Review field contains the reviews that user write. The written comments in the comment fields as shown in the review field. this field is help the user to read the comments that any other user can post

5 Search field

Search field help the user can directly searches the place in the app. This search field contain a text field and a button. The user can write the place in the search field and enter the search button it will move to the searched page


We are making a travel guide application. Which can guide the traveler to reach different locations. The application provide all the details about the place the user need to visit. The usage of this application greatly reduces the time required to search for a place. And it is also provide the distance between nearest cities. The proposed system doesn’t require a physical guide


Functional Requirements

 Graphical User interface with the User.

Software Requirements

For developing the application the following are the Software Requirements:

1. Android Development Tools

2. Eclipse IDE 3.4 or Higher(Resent Version)

3. Android SDK and Eclipse Plug-ins for Android ADT (Resent versions).

Operating Systems supported

1. Windows 7

2. Windows XP

3. Windows 8

Technologies and Languages used to Develop

1. Android

2. Java

3. XML

Debugger and Emulator

1. Android Dalvik Debug Monitor service

2. Android Emulator(Android Virtual Device)

For running the application the following are the Software Requirements:

 Operating System: Android 2.1 or higher versions

Hardware Requirements

For developing the application the following are the Hardware Requirements:

 Processor: Pentium IV or higher

 RAM: 256 MB

 Space on Hard Disk: minimum 512MB

For running the application:

 Device: Android version 2.1 and higher

 Minimum space to execute: 1.0MB

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