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Automatic Fuel Level and Gear Level Indicator in Two Wheeler

Published on Sep 03, 2023


This is a simple mechanical project which requires some knowledge of electrical and electronics. I believe that kits for an automatic gear level indicator is available in market. An automatic gear level indicator digitally displays the gear on which the vehicle is currently running. It doesn’t observe the transmission directly, instead, this is done calculating the speed of the vehicle and the rpm of the engine and then comparing both. The speeds of a vehicle are different for different gear levels even when the rpm is kept same.

So by calculating the speed/rpm ratio for each gear level, the gear positions can be detected and displayed using an LCD screen. This will be different for different vehicles, so it is a must that you check these ratios with your experiment set up(The vehicle used for the experiment).It is possible to integrate this system with boats, bikes and other machines. But for every machine you need to find out the speeds or rpm ranges for each gear shift.

The Fuel level indicator shows the liter of the fuel far away from the location of the fuel tank or in the dash pad. Float sensor is fixed in to the fuel tank. The digital display is used to indicate the full levels are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 liter respectively.


This is a new design for a universal gear indicator that can be fitted to any motorcycle as an aftermarket accessory. Its main advantage is that its operation depends entirely on the gear shift lever movement, instead of connecting to speedometer and tachometer sensors (found in expensive commercial devices), which are rarely available in older motorcycles.

It consists of a main circuit including a 7 segment LED indicator, two Hall sensors that are attached to the motorcycle frame, and a small magnet placed on the gear shift lever.

The main purpose of this project is to indicate the fuel level in the fuel tanks. The main purpose behind adding the level scanning section is to avoid malfunctioning of the receiver section due to battery failure (as no battery is added to the receiver to latch the present level of the water). When power resumes, the level-scanning section scans and checks all the levels one by one (from empty to full) and transmits the corresponding codes to the receiver to show the fuel level in the fuel tank.

Project Model:

Automatic Fuel Level

Automatic Fuel Level


• Easily known the gear levels.

• Cost wise very low.

• Project design is simple.

• Installed in the bike is simple method.


• Up to five liter of the fuel are indicated on LED display along with beep sound.

• Receiver section controls the on/off function of the alarm.

• The fuel level scanning section scans the fuel level with beep sound after power resumes.

• When fuel reaches the full level, the beep sound for about a minute.

• When fuel goes below the empty level, the beep sound is occurring.


• All Automobile Application

• In overhead tank home application.

• In industry motor application.

• This is used to the two wheeler and four wheeler.

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