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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The ultimate aim of this project is to automatically control the speed of the vehicles at speed restricted areas such as school and hospital zone etc


This project is mainly developed to avoid accidents due to high speed vehicles and also to enable the public to cross the road without any danger from high speed vehicles. Usually the drivers drive the vehicles at high speed without considering the public in speed limited areas too.

Even though the traffic police controls them we cannot achieve full response from them. Also it is not possible to monitor those areas at all time to regulate their speed. Thus this project paves way for controlling the speed of the vehicles within certain limit in those restricted zones without the interruption of the drivers.

Here we use RF communication method for controlling purpose. In order to implement this in public then we want to attach the RF receiver along with the vehicle and the Transmitter with these Zones.

These transmitters are programmed to send the coded signals continuously with certain delay in between. Whenever the vehicles enter into these zones their receivers will receive this code and then the speed of the vehicles is controlled automatically with the help of the micro controller unit present inside the vehicles.

The micro controllers are programmed such as to control the speed of the vehicles whenever it receives such code. The transmitters are placed to transmit these codes up to a certain distance for which the speed should be reduced.

The same code can be used everywhere wherever such zones are there to control the accidents

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