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Published on Aug 21, 2023


The aim of this project is to detect the theft of a vehicle and alert the user and to prevent the vehicle from theft by disconnecting the petrol tank connection at emergency situation automatically


Nowadays the car theft is a huge criterion for the car owners. Even though the manufacturers provide car security system, but the car thieves easily break those systems. So, we plan to prevent the car from the thieves using FUZZY LOGIC.

In this project, the car could be started only when the given password is correct. We use a 4x4 matrix keypad to feed the password. The LCD display is used for displaying purpose. The micro controller is the heart of the project, which controls the whole system.

The micro controller is interfaced with the keypad, LCD display EEPROM, petrol tank and battery control circuitry. The password is stored in the EEPROM. The EEPROM is used because the stored password can be electrically erased and could store another password if necessary.

While starting the vehicle, the password should be entered. If the entered password matches with the stored password, the petrol tank is opened and the battery control circuitry is switched ON. The micro controller is programmed to perform all those operations.

But if the entered password mismatches, then the micro controller will not allow the petrol flow and also will not switch ON the battery circuitry. Hence, our circuit provides a guaranteed security to the car or vehicle using fthis system

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