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Published on Aug 21, 2023


Mild steel or wrought iron shaft are available in lengths varying from 6 to 10 meters, so as to make them handy and easy to transport. More lengthy shafts cannot be manufactured in a correct form to be used for power transmission.

In engineering practice shafts of large lengths are required to transmit the torque which can be obtained by joining two or more shafts in order to obtain the required length. The joining of shafts is done by device is called as coupling.

Tyre coupling is used to connect two shafts which are parallel & and it will make up the Miss alignment and withstand the backlash. HIGH MISALIGNMENT TOLERANCE of one degree per end can be tolerated without damage to the drive shaft or connected equipment bearings. Tyre coupling are made from high strength composite materials. It is mainly used in the Automobile Dry Shaft power Transmission


Tyre Coupling

1. It should be easy to connect or disconnect.

2. It should transmit the full power from one shaft to other shaft without losses.

3. It should hold the shafts in perfect alignment.

4. It should reduce the transmission of shock loads from one shaft to another shaft.

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