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Automated Vehicle Based On Safety System

Published on Sep 03, 2023


Now a day many of car production industries most of all using car production in automation system, because now generation like automatically work some process like are active head light, wiper and some others, now production of luxury cars maximum including everything automation related working system they are like, so we are fabricating this project same thing, we have to including process like are automatic wiper, automatic active head light, displayed for door open and closing system. Which is used for micro controller and including components are LDR, conductivity sensor, limit switch and LCD display.


Car safety is the avoidance of automobile accidents or the minimization of harmful effects of accidents, in particular as pertaining to human life and health. Special safety features have been built into cars for years, some for the safety of car's occupants only, and some for the safety of others.

“DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF FULLY AUTOMATED VEHICLE”, which is fully equipped by sensors circuit and micro controller processor including. It is a genuine project which is fully equipped and designed for Automobile vehicles.

This forms an integral part of best quality. This product underwent strenuous test in our Automobile vehicles and it is good. Man has needed and used energy at an increasing rate for its sustenance and wellbeing ever since he came on the earth a few million years ago. Primitive man required energy primarily in the form of food. He derived this by eating plants or animals, which he hunted.


This is a project why we are fabricated means human being safety and avoiding accident in long drive system. We have to giving six inputslike are four switch, LDR and conductivity sensor it is connecting on microcontroller it getting on output like are LCD display, displayed for when you are door open and closed condition showing on display in door open and close condition otherwise you forget the door close in travel time emergency displayed on door open condition.

The next process when the rain coming that is time sense the conductivity sensor going ON condition on relay in wiper motor ON condition.The LDR sensor detect the opposite obstacle that is condition head light dim and dip control system, this whole system it is controlled for micro controlled process.


Automated Vehicle


Automated Vehicle


• To provide smooth and safety ride.

• To provide mind free ride for the motorist.

• To provide the nation with an accident free roads.

• Low Cost Automation Project.

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