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Automatic Helmet Detection in Two Wheelers

Published on Sep 03, 2023


The primary purpose of the without helmet while driving is to develop a system that can reduce the number of accidents from without helmet driving. With our two monitoring steps, we can provide a more accurate detection. Motorcycle accidents have been rapidly growing throughout the years in many countries.

Due to various social and economic factors, this type of vehicle is becoming increasingly popular. The helmet is the main safety equipment of motorcyclists but many drivers do not use it. If a motorcyclist is without helmet an accident can be fatal. This paper presented an automatic method for vehicle detection, motorcycles classification on public roads and a system for automatic detection of motorcyclists without helmet.

The camera continuously monitoring the motorcyclist’s whether he is weared helmet or not the image is directly goes to the PC and input images are compared with MATLAB. If the image is not match it gives alert to PIC microcontroller. If the speedometer values reached its threshold value, controller automatically stops the engine then he will fined for the over rule. Then the message is directly goes to the motorcyclist mobile through GSM mobile communication with how much money he is fined,


Intelligent Safety Helmet for Motorcyclist is a project undertaken to increase the rate of road safety among motorcyclists. The idea is obtained after knowing that the increasing number of fatal road accidents over the years is cause for concern among motorcyclists.

Through the study identified, it is caused the helmets used is not in safety features such as not wearing a helmet string and not use the appropriate size. Therefore, this project is designed to introduce security systems for the motorcyclist to wear the helmet properly.

With the use of RF transmitter and RF receiver circuit, the motorcycle can move if there is emission signal from the helmet, in accordance with the project title Intelligent Safety Helmet for Motorcyclist. Security system applied in this project meet the characteristics of a perfect rider and the application should be highlighted. The project is not efficient due to he can’t able fined by overrule, we can’t send the message to driver. For that we are moved to proposed system.


Helmets are essential for the safety of a motorcycle rider, however, the enforcement of helmet wearing is a time-consuming labor intensive task. A system for the automatic classification of motorcycle riders with and without helmets is therefore described and tested. The system uses support vector machines trained on histograms derived from head region image data of motorcycle riders using both static photographs and individual image frames from video data.

The trained classifier is incorporated into a tracking system where motorcycle riders are automatically segmented from video data using background subtraction. The heads of the riders are isolated and then classified using the trained classifier. Each motorcycle rider results in a sequence of regions in adjacent time frames called tracks.

These images are then classified as a whole using a mean of the individual classifier results. Tests show that the classifier is able to accurately classify whether riders are wearing helmets or not on static photographs. When speedometer value reaches its threshold value it automatically he is fined .then message goes to the motorcyclist mobile phones it demonstrate the validity and usefulness of the classification approach.


Automatic Helmet Detection


• Gathering information through wireless technologies

• Easiest way of monitoring

• Accessible through world wide


• Vehicle applications

• Automotive applications

• Accident avoidance


Thus the helmet can be detected and the necessary control can be accomplished

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