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Fully Automated For Bottle Washing Machine

Published on Sep 03, 2023


This project "Automatic high speed Bottle Washing Machine" deals with the cleaning of bottles used for packing soft drinks. This project will be quite useful when implemented in soft drinks manufacturing companies as bottles are collected and reused for packing.

Recently the Cleanliness of these bottles had brought in a quality problem which leads to the reduction in sales for these soft drinks. Hence such a project which automates the cleaning of bottlesmight be of some help provided the water used for purpose is frequently changed and checked. This project deals with the fabrication of a simple model of the unit, which uses pneumatic components which are controlled by a Solenoid valve and Control Timing Unit.


The project proposes to undertake bottle washing process in an automated bottling plant. Both automated and manual operations are possible in the process. The manual operation, the Hand operated Direction Control Valve is Used. The automation process is done through a Solenoid Valve and Control Timing Unit. The project is an electro pneumatic project with an interconnection of pneumatic parts and electronics.


The system has a double acting pneumatic cylinder which is being actuated using pneumatic control components such as direction control (5/2 Solenoid Valve) and flow control components which are controlled through Electronic Control Timing Unit. The cylinder helps the bottles to be immersed inside the water in the tank, and then rinses it to wash the bottle. The position of cylinder is sensed by switch OFF the timing control unit and is provided to hold the bottles in the immersed condition to allow water to enter into the bottle. After filling the Water to the bottles are agitated by the up and down movement of the actuator (Switch ON the Timing Control Unit), and then the water inside the bottle is removed by suspending the bottle.

The Solenoid Valve helps us for the forward and reverse motion of the cylinder. By exiting the coil of the solenoid AC Valve, we can achieve this. The flow control valve here controls the speed of the actuator. This valve is manually controlled. The Timing Control Unit is the intelligence of the system. It controls the entire function of the machine. After ten or more counts of up and down the machine will stops. The bottles are unloaded to be loaded with a fresh set of bottles.


Bottle Washing Machine

• The Bottle can be easily washed.

• Two or Three Bottle Are Cleaned at a time.

• Handling is easy.

• Less Manual power.

• Time Saving and High Production System.

• Replacement of parts are easy.


• Cost of the equipment is high.

• This system requires high maintenance care.

• Care must be taken for the handling the equipment such as proper wiring connection, etc.

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