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Emergency Helper Wheel for Two Wheelers

Published on Sep 03, 2023


Two wheeler is one of the most often used component in the current modern automobile technology. If the problems like puncher and less compression in the tire causes damage to the rim as well as stopping condition of the usage of vehicle. By considering this disadvantages, we are going to create the concept in order to face this difficulty. In our project we are going to fix the alter wheel in no air condition which supports the normal wheel when it faces the damage, here we are going to utilize the compressed air from the compressor for providing the support to the wheel and this wheel help for activating our vehicle.


In recent years there has been an increased motorcycle sales momentum in various parts of the world. In China alone, “GuangCai Motorcycle Association of Imports and Exports”estimates the two-wheeler sales for a typical month in year 2000 to be around 5.8 million, giving an increase of 13.72% from the same month in the previous year.

During this period the trend has been for people to shift towards machines with higher engine capacities. The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India, gives the total number of registered two-wheelers as on 31 March 2000 to be just less than 34 million compared with 4.57 million for cars, while according to the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Associationthe total number produced in Japan was in excess of 2 million for year 2002.

Motorcycles are typically used for commuting or for pleasure. Lighter vehicles with smaller engines are usually cheaper than their heavier counterparts and provide the primary means of transport in a lot of Asian countries. “Harley-Davidson” type tourers are very popular in the United States while a wide variety of Japanese exports come to Europe.

Pleasure is mostly acquired from riding powerful sports road bikes that nowadays have designs and engine performances that can easily be compared with full racing machines only a decade old. It is also common for police to use big powerful machines and often they have to ride them under difficult circumstances at high speeds. Needless to say, a lot of investment nowadays goes into motor racing and development of state-of the-art high technology machines.

A tilting three-wheeler is a three-wheeled vehicle whose body and or wheels tilt in the direction of the turn. It is the most common leaning multi-wheeler type. Such vehicles can corner safely and comfortably despite having a narrow track. Therefore, they are, unlike single-track vehicles such as two-wheeled bicycles and motorcycles, suitable for a year-round utilization time.


When the normal wheel gets damaged during the movement of the vehicle then its condition is completely monitored by placing the sensor, this condition is sensed by the sensor and it activates the compressor, by providing the signal to the microcontroller circuit and due to the activation of the compressor the compressed air is transferred to the alter wheel and this wheel gets activated and supports the main wheel for the activation of the vehicle.


Emergency Helper Wheel

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