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Intelligent Head Light For Four Wheeler

Published on Sep 03, 2023


This paper presents the hardware of “Intelligent Headlight System for motor vehicles”. Headlight System is an active safety system, where the head lamp orientation control system rotates the right and left headlights independently and keeps the beam as parallel to the curved road as possible to provide better night time visibility to driver.

In this system use rack and pinion arrangement which give drive to the optical axes of both the head lights mounted. They are functioned with the help of IR sensors which is activated by means of controller circuit. Controlling the head light based upon the user convenience is one of the best and efficient technique for activation of the vehicles.


Presently, studied changes are unfolding in automotive lighting technology. Automobile manufacturers - together with suppliers and representatives - currently aspire to develop the headlights of tomorrow. Freeform headlamp is one of the popular design which offers great flexibility and compactness. The optical design, fabrication and the measurement of the freeform reflector headlamps are investigated by Jiang et al.

Kobayashi proposed by the new standard for cornering light system allows not only the conventionally approved ONOFF control mode interlocked with the operation of the turn signal switch but also an automatic ON-OFF control according to the steering wheel angle. The active cornering light system (ACL system) on the new DELICA D: 5 have a dedicated ECU to control the operation of the lamps. Chi on-dong lin investigated by car light piloting system objective of the present invention is to provide a steering wheel controlled car light pointing system which automatically turns the lights of the motor car to coincide the projection of the lights with the steering direction of the motor car.

Ken chi Nishimura suggested that the apparatus for automatically adjusting a direction of a light axis of a vehicle headlight includes a steering angle sensor detecting a steering angle of a steering wheel of a vehicle and a swivel control unit performing swivel control by which the direction of the light axis of the vehicle headlight is adjusted to the target direction in accordance with the steering angle detected by the steering angle sensor.

Hiroaki okuchi proposed automatic optical-axis adjusting device for automatically adjusting direction of optical axes of front lights with respect to steering angle of steering wheel an electronic control for automobile headlight utilizing a spherical sensor comprised of a metal ball surrounding by a fluid encapsulated in a spherical sensor which is connected to the spherical sensor system. Masanori kondo, suggested the automatic optical axis adjusting device for automatically adjusting direction of optical axis of from lights headlight control apparatus and method controls an irradiation direction of a headlight. This apparatus uses a navigation based swivel angle calculated based upon the shape of a road in a navigation based control period and a steering based swivel angle calculated based upon a steering angle in a steering based control period.


Intelligent Head Light


The working prototype consists of two rack and pinion arrangement in which both the pinion is powered by means of two separate D.C Motor. For automation control three IR sensors are mounted at left, right and center portion of the vehicles this IR sensor are powered by means of controller circuit which is powered by means of battery.

When the light rays of the opposite moving vehicle had contacted the left side sensor then it sends signal to the controller which activates the D.C motor of left mounted, thus due to the rotation of D.C motor the pinion gets rotated which tends to translate the rack, the rack which gets attached with the head light translates the head light to the inward position thus the over brightness of light gets decreased and the vehicle can move safe. This is can also be done as same for right side attachments. When the center placed IR sensor observes the light source then it tends to activate both the D.C Motors mounted so both the head light gets tilted outwards. So the brightness gets reduced, after the vehicle gets passed out, the lights are again returned to its home position for normal obtaining normal working condition.


• Construction is simple

• Cost efficient and easy to handle

• Less maintenance is enough

• Accidents occurred due to the vision bleach condition of the driver is totally reduced due to this system implementation.


• For automobile application especially for four wheelers.

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