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Digital Locking System for Two Wheeler

Published on Sep 03, 2023


Special safety features have been built into automobiles for years, some for the safety of vehicles occupants only, and some for the safety of others. One of the choices available is Design and fabrication of digital locking for two wheelers. Two wheelers are easy to handle so even though they are locked with special safety arrangements, it can be easily collapsed and easily stolen, so in order to provide extra safety to the two wheelers, we have designed a system which is operated with the help of microcontroller circuit which controls the function of ignition and fuel supply through a security code which activates the function of the circuit when the key is introduced.

Here controller plays a vital role in controlling the overall system though the lock system is collapsed until the security code confirmation the ignition can’t be started and fuel supply did get exist. This is the main advantage of this system and its one of the efficient and useful one to this modern environment.


An automobile has been used to move human beings or something since the automobile was invented and the automobile technology has been developed within the last few years. Recently, the automobile is thought as daily necessaries because we spend much time in an automobile and enjoyed the entertainment such as game, e-mail, DVD, mp3, and internet etc. in the car. In nowadays, the intelligent car with adaptive cruise control, lane keeping technology, auto-parking system, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), and prevent pre crashing system has been equipped because we need the convenient and intelligent car.

These new automobile technologies are made possible by the development of semiconductor technology, optical technology and software technology. The use of electronic components in automobiles is set to accelerate and with ongoing efforts to improve safety and comfort. 250 electronic components are used in a car, for example, 50 MCUs are used in a car.

Therefore, car makers in Europe and Japan are developing for safety such as both collision safety and preventive safety and new car technology for intelligent car such as intelligent transport system (ITS), rear view camera system, Road-to-vehicle and Inter-Vehicle Communication Systems, auto-parking system, hybrid car, electric car, and hydrogen fueled car. The power consumption of system was very small and another sensor or camera will be added easily. The performance of the system was good.


Digital Locking System


Digital Locking System


When the key is inserted the primary power source to the controller circuit gets turned on, that activates display panel for entering the security code which is already assigned by the driver. When this code is entered as an input it compares with the database and when the code satisfies the working condition, then the microcontroller sends signal to the solenoid valve which controls the flow of air through the double acting cylinder, due to the air flow the cylinder gets retracted this unlocks the side lock, simultaneously it turn on the fuel supply through an additional solenoid valve which is placed for controlling the flow of fuel through the combustion chamber. At last attached D.C motor is functioned for stating the engine at rest to the starting condition.


• Using a single transmitter keypad, we can control many appliances like side lock, light, fuel supply.

• It is very economical.

• As we said earlier it is easy to control the devices by setting password.

• Receiving problem is restricted.

• This project provides another facility to change the password.

• Setting / Resetting of password is simple.


• This system provides safety for all vehicles especially for two wheelers, in general it can be used as automobile safety system.

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