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Different Directional Steering System

Published on Sep 03, 2023


The most of all general steering arrangement is to turn the front wheels using a hand–operated steering wheel which is positioned in front of the Driver. The steering column, which contain a universal joint which is part of the collapsible steering column which is designed to allow it to deviate from a straight line according to the Roadmap.

In convertible four wheel steering with different directional steering system can be changed as needed which assists in parking at heavy traffic conditions, when negotiating areas where short turning radius is needed and in off road Driving.


This project we have implemented to the different direction steering system for time reduction of turning radius. Which is used most of all traffic, parking areas and easy to turning radius for India road conditions.

Steering is the term applied to the collection of components, linkages, which will allow for a vessel or vehicle to follow the desired course. An exception is the case of rail transport by which rail tracks combined together with railroad switches provide the steering function.

The most conventional steering arrangement is to turn the front wheels using a hand–operated steering wheel which is positioned in front of the driver, through the steering column, which may contain universal joints to allow it to deviate somewhat from a straight line.

Other arrangements are sometimes found on different types of vehicles, for example, a tiller or rear–wheel steering. Tracked vehicles such as tanks usually employ differential steering that is, the tracks are made to move at different speeds or even in opposite directions to bring about a change of course.


This is project only made up of easy to turning and easy to parking system, which is only simply chain drive steering system and we have connected to the four sprocket attached per separate wheel. The steering wheel always connecting on small sprocket and other four sprocket connecting by on steering sprocket. When you need turning put on steering turning direction andfour-wheel drive to chain sprocket instant of four wheel going to turning steering direction.

This is process controlled fully manually controlled system and simple making process, which is used sprocket and chain drive system only drive to four wheel turning are left, right, 900 and 450 turning system.


Different Directional Steering


• Easy to parking and easyturning system.

• Reduction of in turning radius.

• Easy to handled.

• It is managed unauthorized person.


• It is used light vehicle four wheeler.

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