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Eccentric Cam Operated Semi-Automatic Gear Shifting System

Published on Sep 03, 2023


In this study, a gear shifting mechanism was designed and applied to make the shifting process faster and less destructible for the driver. The main objective of this concept is used to apply the gear by using automation system in automobile vehicles. This is the new innovative model mainly used to control the vehicle. Here, we are concentrating to design the automatic gear changing mechanism in two wheeler vehicles by using the electronic devices.

This is very useful for the gear changing mechanism in automobile vehicles. By using this we can easily control the vehicle and improve the performance of the vehicle also we can avoid the wear and tear of the gear. Here, we are using eccentric cam to change the gears for two wheelers. By using this eccentric cam operation, we can eliminate the more disadvantages in gear changing system. By using this system, we can reduce space of locating gear box, gear damage, bleeding of pneumatic and hydraulic energy flow tubes, less noisy operation, less cost and doesn’t require frequent maintenance.

Keywords: Eccentric Cam with follower, Microcontroller (MC), AC an DC motor, push buttons.


At present due to the extended difficulties in manual operations, the technology has shifted from manual to automatic; few of them include ABS system, active steering system etc., in order to increase passenger safety and comfort. Increasing demands on performance, quality and cost are the main challenge for today’s automotive industry. In an environment where movement, component and every assembly operation must be immediately and automatically recorded, checked and documented for maximum efficiency.

One of the automatic applications includes Eccentric cam operated gear changer. This study describes in detail in an understandable way to how to convert the traditional manually gear shifting mechanism into automatic system by using microcontroller (Control Unit- Relays). A method of controlling a gear change of an automobile is an automatic transmission connected to an output rotation shaft of engine so as to transmit the rotational output of engine to drive wheels of automobile through any selected one of a plurality of gear ratios.

Our system are mainly made by the reference, how to change the gears by pneumatic and its demerits (S.Vijay et al, 2014), knowing about exact working of micro controller interface with dc motor (Suroor et al, 2013), controlling of speed of dc motor with help of microcontroller (Shinde et al, 2014), understanding kinematic design of automatic gear transmission (Long-Chang et al, 2008), gear shifting with help of PLC controller (Muntaser et al, 2010).

A load device selectively connectable to output rotation shaft of engine (lay shaft) and where the gears in the main shaft are changed by the eccentric cam which is connected to the DC motorwhich had an attachment of worm and worm gears, the gears are changed by the controller of microcontroller, when the up button in the control unit is pressed and the relay connected to the dc motor rotate the eccentric cam is turned by some angle , the cam connected to the lever in the main shaft is moved by connecting rod connected to the cam is done by control unit, continuous changing are done by the same and it is reduced by down button by the activation of reverse relays.


In our project, the control unit is connected to the dc motor, the control unit comprised of microcontroller, relay and LCD display and here, there are three gears, first gear is in neutral position and then the gear shifted as a first gear is achieved by the movement of the eccentric cam is done by pressing the up button, after pressing the up button the signal send to the microcontroller and then it sends to relay 1 and its send to dc motor then rotates the cam it is connected to the main shaft by lever it moves the gear to the 1stgear and then second & third gear is shifted by pressing upbutton. The reversing operation can be achieved by the signal passing through the relay 2, this operation is as like same as forward operation, this operation is equivalent to all three gears.


Eccentric Cam Operated

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