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Efficycle and Hybrid System for Tricycle with Double Pedaling System

Published on Sep 03, 2023


There is increasing concern over congestion and pollution associated with the use of motor vehicle for personal transport. This project aims to design a vehicle that could be viable alternative to cars for short distance journeys. The designed vehicle is an Ultralight Vehicle. It is powered by a hybrid human-electric drive system. The vehicle design adopts off-the-shelf bicycle and electric vehicle technology which work together to create a lightweight vehicle.

A concept frame was devised for investigationfor the project. It incorporates straight-ahead position that has theoretical safety benefits, while at the same time remaining simple in its design. The frame design consists ofjust two members which make manufacturing easy. A preliminary study into this frame’s structural integrity has been completed. The vehicle can seat two adults, each of whom could power it via foot pedaling. A mechanical drive system which on its own could power the vehicle has also been designed, as has an electrical drive system that can be retrofitted at the rear side.


Product development and processing them in a real time model ceases to various solutions in case of various modifications in the designs, hence every component is to be designed as per the norms which must be satisfied in case of various speculations as per the vehicle design. Dynamic system of vehicle mainly depends upon usage of stimulated The conceptual design was derived from the structure of open frame structure providing aerodynamic effect and strong basement for the tricycle, former mechanization is controlled by means of acceleration through the alternator and by means of gradual pedaling action.

Represents the evolution of various stages from the basic frame to well build cycle, this case is designed for the model 2F & 1R model which is different. In order to enhance the battery charge additionally when you are pedaling easy getting on battery charge. Usage of these kind of hybrid tricycle would reduce the consumption in rate of fuels used which would be demand full in case of over use in the current generation hence the former would be a greater replacement for such case.

As the rising demand for new range of vehicles the former would replace them with power train system inclusive utilization of motor drive system with supporting battery system which enhances the driving factor. Former system deals with electrical and mechanical system of operations which would enhance the ease of drive to the companions. System conversion of mechanical energy in to electrical energy is used in this process for recharging purpose of battery by means of energy converting devices.


• This is used for pedaling system

• Electric motor it will be attached

• This is motor dual process including like generative and drive for tricycle

• We have fabricate efficycle method

• To fabricate the eco-friendly process


Efficycle and Hybrid System

• Can be used for charging electrical appliances.

• Can be used for long journey travel.

• Can be used by all age groups.

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