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Multi Task Smart Wheel Chair for Handicapped Person

Published on Sep 03, 2023


Smart Wheel Chair is mechanically controlled devices designed to have self-mobility with the help of the user command. This reduces the user’s human effort and force to drive the wheels for wheelchair.Furthermore, it also provides an opportunity for visually or physically impaired persons to move from one place to another. The wheelchair is also provided with obstacle detection system which reduces the chance of collision while on the journey.

Smart wheelchair has gained a lot of interests in the recent times. These devices are useful especially in transportation from one place to another. The machines can also be used in old age homes where the old age persons have difficulty in their movements. The devices serve as a boon for those who have lost their mobility. Different types of smart wheelchair have been developed in the past but the new generations of wheelchairs are being developed and used which features the use of artificial intelligence and hence leaves a little to tinker about to the user who uses the wheel chair. The project also aims to build a similar wheel chair which would have a sort of intelligence and hence helps the user on his/her movement.


While the needs of many individuals with disabilities can be satisfied with power wheelchairs, some members of the disabled community find it is difficult or impossible to operate a standard power wheelchair. This project could be part of an assistive technology. It is for more independent, productive and enjoyable living. The background, objectives, problem statement and scopes of the project will be discussed in this chapter.

Problem Statements

A handicapped person with locomotive disabilities needs a wheelchair to perform functions that require him or her to move around. He can do so manually by pushing the wheelchair with his hands. However, many individuals have weak upper limbs or find the manual mode of operating too tiring. Hence it is desirable to provide them with a motorized wheelchair that can be controlled by moving a joystick or through voice commands. Since the motorized wheelchair can move at a fair speed, it is important that it be able to avoid obstacles automatically in real time. All this should be achieved at a cost that is affordable for as many handicapped people as possible, as well as for organizations that support them. With these requirements in mind we propose an automated wheelchair with real-time obstacle avoidance capability.

The power wheelchair control interfaces currently still not enough to provide truly independent mobility for substantial number of person with disabilities. Through research and design wise, the power wheelchair to control development along safe and effective use of the provision independence and self-use mobility. This project will provide disability weight innovative solutions to handle the wheel chairs to use voice interface.

This project describes a wheelchair which can be controlled only by using the user's voice. This project aims to facilitate the movement of the disabled people and elderly people who cannot move properly then enable them to lead better lives without any problem. Speech recognition technology is a key technology which can provide a new way of human interaction with machines or tools for controlling a wheelchair.

This project consists of two parts which is software and hardware. It is realized by using the microphone as an intermediary which is used as the input of human voice. In this project, Programmable Integrated Circuit (AVR) is used as a switch to control the movement of wheelchair based on the human voice as an input with installing two DC motor as the driving force.

There are five options for basic motions of a wheelchair to be applied by the user. The five conditions of the wheelchair can be described as the following:

i. Moving forward

i. Moving backward

iii. Turning to the right

iv. Turning to the left

v. Stop condition

This project describes the design and development of the motion control using voice recognition for a wheelchair application.

Multi Task Smart Wheel Chair

Objectives of Projects

i. To develop a voice controlled wheelchair system by using Visual Basic for wheelchair control.

ii. To implement the voice user as an input to control the movement of wheelchair.

iii. Provide the facilities for disabled people and elderly people who can’t move properly.


Physically Challenged People

Physically Disabled People can use it as per their purposes.

People who are Able to use their hand can use Joystick;

People suffering from certain

Paralysis can use either voice or head movement as per requirement.

Patients in the Hospitals

People suffering from certain paralysis can use either voice or head

Movement as per requirement.

Old Age Homes

People at old age homes can use this chair as per their requirement.

Smart Wheel Chair

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