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Reduction of Turning Radius for Using Easiest Tilting System for Tricycle

Published on Sep 03, 2023


A tilting preferably three wheel, vehicle is disclosed that has a tilting mechanism that allows the vehicle to have leaning characteristics substantially similar to those offered by an inline two-wheel vehicle, but that does not require complex linkages or control system to operate effectively.

A tilting linkage is operably secured to a frame to allow a pair of spaced apart wheel to remain substantially aligned with the plane of the vehicle throughout its range of movements while still allowing the steering axes of each wheel to intersect the vertical center lineof each wheel. The linkage also allows caster angle of each wheel’s pivot axes can be optimized independently of the angle of vehicle’s handle bar steering shaft.


A three wheeled vehicle, with two steerable front wheels and a driven rear wheel which may be either rider- or motor powdered, includes steering/coupling linkage disposed adjacent to the lower end of a steering column having a handle bar attached to its upper end.A three wheeled vehicle, with two steerable front wheels and a driven rear wheel which may be either rider- or motor-powdered, includes steering/coupling linkage disposed adjacent to the lower end of a steering column having a handlebar attached to its upper end.

The steering/coupling linkage pivotally couples a forward frame to a rear frame which supports the rider and includes the rear wheel and its means for propulsion. The steering/coupling linkage includes a pivot shaft, a bearing housing and a mechanical connection for leaning the rear frame in the direction of a turn so as to compensate for centrifugal force encountered in turning the vehicle. The mechanical connection causes the rear frame to lean in a controlled relationship to the amount of rotation of the steering shaft, within rotational limits, to emulate the leaning action of a conventional bike when making a turn.


The present arrangement overcomes the cornering problems of vehicle by counteracting the centrifugal force exerted upon a vehicle and its rider during a turn. In the present invention the seat moving inward in relation to the amount of turn shifts the center of gravity of the rider inward from a line between where the rear wheel and the outer front wheel contact the road so that the rider's weight has a greater anti-rotational force about the aforementioned line to permit a greater centrifugal force on the rider without the vehicle tipping over or the rider falling outward.

Also, in the present invention centrifugal force acting on the rider moves him outward, causing the rear frame to rotate and the front wheels to swing back so as to lessen the sharpness of the turn and prevent the vehiclefrom rolling over. The present vehicle may be used in combination with the rear portion of a conventional bicycle having a five-or ten speed transmission with available derailed and caliper brakes.


• This is project using easy to tilting and reduction of turning radius system which is used connecting on deviation axle and two suspension system.

• The rear wheel axle cut and connecting two separate suspension and sprocket.

• That is two sprocket drive normally one chain drive method it contains of front pedal drive.

• The two suspension system connecting on bottom of seat and it used easy to tilting system.

• Separate axle connecting on another shaft it is made up of some spring tension

Reduction of Turning Radius

Reduction of Turning Radius


• It provides anti-skidding effect.

• Bike can be used for on road as well as for off road purpose.

• Tilting provided is maximum up to 36 degrees.

• Assembly is reliable.

• Bolt on assembly gives redundancy to use vehicle as per requirement.

• Rider is safe while taking sharp turn on the road cause possibility of skidding or falling of bike is almost negligible.

• Normal people can take experience of off road biking.

• Wet road driving with tadpole is easier than two-wheel arrangement.


• Whole weight of the vehicle increases.

• Fuel consumption increases.

• Stand of the bike is of no use because bike stands easily on three wheels.

• Weight shifting while turning is required.

• Slight misalignment can cause huge difference in turning of wheels.


1. Off Road Drivng.

2. Can be suited for Handicapped People.

3. Can be used in rainy season.

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