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Hybrid Car Four-Wheel With Solar System

Published on Sep 03, 2023


There are so many vehicles that came to influence in the existing world. Their operating systems are based on usual fossil fuel system. At the present sense the fossil fuel can exceed only for a certain period after that we have to go for a change to other methods. Thus we have made an attempt to design and fabricate an ultimate system (Solar Hybrid Car) which would produce effective result than the existing system. This will be very useful to the future needs of the world. In by the end of 2020, fuel deposit in the world completely depleted.

To avoid this type of problems we need other type of energy sources like non-conventional energy sources. The progress of automobiles for transportation has been intimately associated with the progress of civilization. The automobile of today is the result of the accumulation of many years of pioneering research and development. In the modern trend automobiles have certain disadvantages soon as fuel cost relative to mileage, pollution and less efficiency.

To improve the Vehicle Efficiency

No fuel cost relative to mileage

Pollution less Vehicle

Then our “SOLAR CAR” is an aspect. The goal of this project was to implement the most efficient and less polluting vehicle. In our project, vehicle is operated by solar energy. Solar energy is converted into electrical energy by the solar cell; it is stored by a battery 12 Volt D.C. Then it is used to drive the D.C motor. In additional we include RF transmitter and receiver, PIC controller to control the movement of the solar car.


All vehicles that are in the market cause pollution and the fuel cost is also increasing day by day. In order to compensate the fluctuating fuel cost and the pollution less good remedy is needed i.e. our transporting system. Due to ignition of the hydrocarbon fuels, in the vehicle, some time difficulties such as wear and tear may be high and more attention is needed for proper maintenance. Our vehicle is easy to handle and no fuel cost to the other existing vehicles.

Since the last two decades the judiciary and policy makers all over the world are deeply concerned about the urgent need for protection of the environment, ecology and humanity at large, there has been a steep rise in the accumulation of green house gases particularly CO₂, which effect global changes in weather. Motor vehicle contribute about 14% of CO₂ from all sources besides, pollution due to both petrol and diesel engine driven vehicles caused by the emission of CO, no unburnt hydrocarbons, particulate and oxides of tetra ethyl, Lead are injury to health and environment.

Regulations on exhaust emission from vehicle engines have been made progressively more and more stipend towards the year 2000 and beyond, Vehicle manufactures have been hence obliged to meet these standards by designing cleaner and fuel efficiently engines and through provision for treatment of exhaust gases to satisfy the specified limits. So to satisfy and overcome these two problems namely

Pollution and


Hence a need for a change in the existing alternative system which can produce higher efficiency at minimum cost was though about an attempt has been made to design and fabricate such an alternative system.

So this project “SOLAR CAR” is very much useful, since it is provided with good quality of power sources and simple operating mechanism. Hence “EACH AND EVERY DROP OF FUEL SAVES OUR ECONOMY AND MEET THE NEEDS” is the saturation point that is to be attained as soon as possible.

In order to achieve this saturation, point we have to save and seek for some other source of power. This power, the alternate power must be much more convenient in availability and usage. The next important reason for the search of effective, unadulterated power are to save the surrounding environments including men, machine and material of both the existing and the next forth generation from pollution, the cause for many harmful happenings and to reach the saturation point.

The most talented power against the natural resource is supposed to be the electric and solar energies that best suit the automobiles. The unadulterated zero emission electrical and solar power, is the only easily attainable alternate source. Hence we decided to incorporate the solar power in the field of automobile, the concept of many Multi National Companies (MNC) and to get relieved from the incorrigible air pollution.


The solar panel converts the light energy to electrical energy by photoelectric effect. This photoelectric effect is already explained the above chapter. The output of the solar panel is normally D.C 12 Volt. (In Peak hour 19 V D.C output).

This output of solar panel is given to the D.C. 12 Voltage battery. In our project lead-acid battery is used. The lead-acid batteries output is given to D.C motor in Forward and reverse rotation of operation. In addition, we include RF transmitter and receiver, PIC controller to control the movement of the solar car.


Solar Car has several advantages over conventional vehicle:

 This vehicle consumes no fuel than vehicles powered by gasoline alone

 Emissions are greatly decreased.

 It can reduce dependency on fossil fuels because they can run on alternative fuels.

 Special lightweight materials are used to reduce the overall vehicle weight.

 The solar car available for sale are very cost competitive with similar conventional vehicles. Any cost premium that may be associated with solar car of the future can be off-set by overall fuel savings and possible incentives.

 Auto manufactures are making this car with comparable performance, safety, and cost because they know that these three elements are most important to consumers.

 Solar panel is used for non-conventional energy power source.

 Pollution Less when compare to ordinary vehicle.

 Solar power is used to store the battery, when the vehicle is rest.


 Open field work.

 Using replaceable, battery, and panel, it can be used in indoors also.

 Used in assembly section.


 High Initial cost.

 Large size of panel for larger applications.

 Solar source is a variable one.


Hybrid Car Four-Wheel

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