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Smart Wheel Parking System

Published on Sep 03, 2023


Parking is the act of stopping and disengaging a vehicle and leaving it unoccupied. Parking on one or both sides of a road is often permitted, though sometimes with restrictions. Some buildings have parking facilities for use of the buildings' users. Countries and local governments have rules for design and use of parking spaces.
Generally vehicle parking is done by manually and it is not automatic. Due to the manually vehicle parking system there may occur misalignment in parking and it is difficult to park in crowded place.


Smart Wheel Parking


In this project we proposes the model of automated vehicle parking using single wheel drive system. This is an era of automation, use of automation reduces the time and manual power. It consists of three D.C motor, two way on-off switch, rack and pinion arrangement and centre wheel attachment.


Smart wheel parking system working principle of driving system used in the normal vehicles. In this project we implement of new concept attachment of single wheel in centre of the back wheel. When we start the vehicle one D.C motor is used to move the vehicle in front and back moving. Another D.C motor is used to move the centre wheel in up and down direction with the help of rack and pinion attachment. Another D.C motor is used to rotate the centre wheel in appropriate directions. D.C motors are controlled by the normal two way switch.


Smart Wheel Parking


• It saves the time to park the vehicle.

• It is automated system.

• Avoid accidents and misalignments occurs in parking.

• By increasing the conveyors we can more cars at a time.


• Used in highly traffic areas.

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