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Four Wheel Drive with Steering System

Published on Sep 03, 2023


In this project we are fabricate the four wheel drive with steering system. This is a new innovative concept. Here we are doing the equipment by the following arrangements with DC motor, gear drive, keypad, vehicle model, battery and control unit. This concept is very useful to reduce the parking time in shopping complex, hotels, etc.


In this project battery provides the power supply to the control unit. The equipment contains totally fiveDC motors, oneDCmotors are coupled with the vehicle’s left and right rotation will be turn which is used to gear type model steering.

The four motors are used to run the vehicle. Another one motors are connected to rotate the vehicle wheel 360 degree by the gear drive arrangements. The keypad in the control unit has five keys they are left, right, forward, reverse, park left, and park right.

We press the left key in the keypad the vehicle turns left side in a required angle, we press the right key in the keypad the vehicle turns at right side in a required angle, similarly the forward and reverse motion of the vehicle are controlled by the forward and reverse key in the keypad.

We want to park the vehicle in left side by press the park left key then the motor connected in the spur gear is turns the wheel left side 360 degree automatically, then the vehicle is parked in the left side, this process is same as right side. Using this we can easily park the vehicle in various areas.


• Easy to operate.

• Less maintenance.

• Good efficient.


• Need a separate power to operate the control unit


• Applicable in all electrical four wheeler vehicles.


Four Wheel Drive

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