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Kinematic Energy Recovery System for Cycle

Published on Sep 03, 2023


Generally braking plays an important in two wheelers, without braking we cannot slow down the two wheelers. In existing we have several model of regenerative braking system based on electrical system.

Conventional regenerative braking is a system in which the electric motor that normally drives a hybrid or pure electric vehicle is essentially operated in reverse (electrically) during braking or coasting.

Instead of consuming energy to propel a vehicle, the motor acts as a generator that charges the on board batteries with electrical energy that would normally be lost as heat through traditional mechanical friction brakes.

As the motor “acts in reverse,” it generates electricity. The accompanying friction (electrical resistance) assists the normal brake pads in overcoming inertia and helps slow the vehicle.

Existing model:

Kinematic Energy Recovery


In this project we proposed the model of regenerative braking system using flywheel in two wheelers. It works on the fact that the back wheel is connected to the flywheel using the chain drive. There is also a disk brake which is connected near the flywheel, disk brake is connected to the brake wire of back wheel.

The working principle involved in this project is that when the brake is applied to the wheels,brake wire disengages the flywheel and the power is shifted to the flywheel and it consumes the energy. When the brake is released the consumed energy is transferred to the back wheel which gives extra energy to start the two wheelers.

Layout of the model:

Kinematic Energy Recovery


• It is increases the speed of the two wheelers.

• It saves energy and time.

• It is reliable.


• It is used in two wheelers.

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