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Published on Sep 03, 2023

Finance Thesis Topics 2012|2015|2016

Emergence of Initial Public Offers as an Investment Avenue
Equity Analysis of Banks
Equity Valuation of Public Sector Enterprises of Nifty 50
Evaluation of Capital
Affect of Branding on Consumer Purchase Decision
Alternate Revenue Sources for the Bank
Analysis of Cement Sector as an Investment Avenue
Analysis of Demat Account and Online Trading
Analysis of Financial Statement by Using the Technique of Ratio Analysis
Analysis of Financial Statements of XYZ Company
Analysis of Mutual Fund and Portfolio Management in Mutual Fund
Analysis of Mutual Fund Schemes of Reliance Money
A Study of Claims and Freight Payable
Audit Of Bank
Back Office Function in a Stock Exchange
Banking System in India
Brand Evaluation for Financial Investment and Customer Satisfaction Measurement
Brand Image
Capital Market Reforms
Cash Flow
Cash Management
Commodity Futures
Comparative Analysis of NPA of Public Sector Banks,Private Sector Banks,Foreign Banks
Comparative Evaluation Strategies in Mergers and Acquisitions
Comparative Study on ULIPS in the Indian Insurance Market
Comparison between Investment in Equity and Mutual Fund
Comparison of Assets under Management for Different Years
Comparison of Initial Public Offer in Infrastructure Sector
Competitive Analysis of Depositary Service Provider
Corporate Control and Value Destruction
Corporate Governance
Creating and Measuring Shareholder Value
Credit Analysis of Personal Loan
Credit Appraisal Process at AXIS Bank
Credit Appraisal Process in SME Sector of State Bank of India
Currency Derivative Business Perspective
Currency Derivatives
Customer Profitability
Demat Account
Descriptive Qualitative Approach towards the Financing Needs of Indian Telecom Sector
DICGC and Deposit Insurance
Direct Selling
Export Marketing Entry Strategy
External Debt Management
Financial Instruments
Financial Planning and Forecasting
Foreign Direct Investment
Future Prospects Of Broking Firm
Global Economic Crises
How to Plan Invest In Insurance Sector And Tax Planning
Impact of Macroeconomic Factors On Money Supply
Impact on Shareholders Wealth in M&A Episode
In-Depth Study of Housing Finance Sector
International Financial Reporting Standards
Inventory Management and Budgetary Control System
Investment Opportunity in Stock Market with Special Focus on Oil Sector
Islamic Financing
Kaleidoscopic View of Banking in India
Key Performance Indicators of Supply Chain Retail
Load Testing of Loan Search
Location Choice and Host Country IPR Protection
Merchant Banking in India
Promotional Mix of Insurance Products
Responsibility Accounting
The Effect of Bond Rating Changes on Stock Prices
The Effect of Changes in Credit Ratings on Equity Returns
Unit Linked Insurance Plans ULIPS
Working Capital Management

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