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Automatic Acceleration Control in Traffic Control and School Zone

Published on Sep 03, 2023


As for Indian road transport scenario is concerned, accidents are becoming a day to day cause an attempt has been made in this project to reduce such mishaps. In our project a high speed indication is given and automatic braking is applied by cutting off the fuel supply to the engine when the setup speed is exceeded.

Our project is to design an automatic acceleration control in traffic signal. The setup of the model does not allow violating the traffic rules. This model consists of a motor with rack and pinion arrangement, limit switches and the accelerator.

This project is mainly developed to avoid accidents due to high speed vehicles and also to enable the public to cross the road without any danger from high speed vehicles. Usually the drivers drive the vehicles at high speed without considering the public in speed limited areas too. Even though the traffic control them we cannot achieve the full response from them. Also it is not possible to monitor those areas at all time to regulate their speed.


In this project the motor and pinion wheel arrangement are connected together. Further pinion wheel is engaged with the rack arrangement as shown in fig. if the vehicle reaches the school zone the RF signal will be transmitted, the transmitted signal will be received by the RF receiver in the vehicle. Once the signal is received the motor, connected with the pinion wheel, will be turned on. This will move forward the rack arrangement giving an opposite force to release the accelerator.

A limit switch is provided to stop the motor, if the rack arrangement reaches limit, with the output from the limit switch the motor will be turned off. This will make the driver to limit the acceleration. After crossing the school zone, the receiving of the RF signal will be stopped, the motor will rotate in opposite direction moving the rack away from the accelerator pedal. Then accelerator can be actuated fully. Thus speed of the vehicle can be reduced over traffic signal area.


Speed of the vehicle is controlled and accident is prevented.

Features that are integrated with this system are:

1) Auto-Breaking with Anti collision

2) Auto Speed Limit control

3) Curve detection.


• Schools

• Hospitals

• Public places


Automatic Acceleration

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