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Hover Craft over Load Lifting System

Published on Sep 03, 2023


We have to fabrication of hovercraft is one of the industrial purpose and we have to fabricate model industrial over weight material and component transferred to the one place to another place is easy to method and handled easy.

We are fabricated on hovercraft model lifting to use on compressed air by a compressor, the maximum industries used hydraulic system in over load component lifting, but hydraulic system mostly high cost and maintenance usage is much more amount is used.

Another one rope and lifting system is also high cost and maintenance also is high this is a system handled critical one, whereas replace the rope particular time period but our model easy to handled and more efficiency also.

Now a day hovercraft usage is increased so, our future days this is system used on more amount that is we have to fabricate this model same time this model only used on air so, cost usage is low.


A hovercraft, also known as an air-cushion vehicle or ACV, is a craft capable of travelling over land, water, mud or ice and other surfaces both at speed and when stationary, the air is continuously forced under the vehicle by a fan, generating the cushion that greatly reduces friction between the moving vehicle andsurface. Typically, this cushion is contained within a flexible “skirt”.

They typically hover at heights between 200 mm and 600 mm above any surface and operate above 20 knots and can clear gradients up to 20 degrees. Hovercrafts work on the two main principles of lift and propulsion. Lift is an essential factor because it is that which allows the craft to rideon a cushion of air several inches off the ground.

The process of attaining lift begins by directing airflow under the craft. The force of thrust is responsible for the movement of hovercraft in the horizontal direction, and is achieved with the help of a propeller fan. When the hovercraft is finally able to move it will most definitely require steering capabilities. This is achieved through the use of rudders. The shape of the rudder dictates how well it will be able to move air.When riding a hovercraft, the natural state of motion is easily seen to be constant vector velocity with a constant rate of rotation.


The hovercraft float above the ground surface by using on compressed air by on compressor, that is hovercraft contain rectangular shape base frame this is used in damping of air contact the surface.

Another think four air jet nozzle this is used for convert the low velocity of compressed air into high velocity passed through the surface, it is fixing to the four corner of base frame.

This is hovercraft usually fabricated trolley model and push and pull the overload condition. The compressor air going end of surface outlet is defect the human that is condition neglect in we have fixing rubber thick film is contain of surround the base frame.


Hover Craft over Load

Hover Craft over Load


• Low amount of cost.

• Maintenance is easy and handled unauthorized person.

• Assemble and reassemble is easy.

• Low cost operation.

• It is handled with one person in overload condition.


• This is used for small and big scale industries

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