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Hand Clutch for Disabled Person Using Four Wheelers

Published on Sep 03, 2023


The technology of pneumatics has gained tremendous importance in the field of workplace rationalization and automation from old-fashioned timber works and coal mines to modern machine shops and space robots. It is therefore important that technicians and engineers should have a good knowledge of pneumatic system, air operated valves and accessories.

The air is compressed in an air compressor and from the compressor plant the flow medium is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. To maintain optimum efficiency of pneumatic system, it is of vital importance that pressure drop between generation and consumption of compressed air is kept very low.

In this project we also added the feature i.e. it can be used for disabled person by button operated clutch.


We have pleasure in introducing our new project “HAND CLUTCH FOR DISABLED PEOPLE”, which is fully equipped by mechanical arrangement and electro-magnetic clutch engagement mechanism. It is a genuine project which is fully equipped and designed for Automobile vehicles. This forms an integral part of best quality. This product underwent strenuous test in our Automobile vehicles and it is good.

Car safety is the avoidance of automobile accidents or the minimization of harmful effects of accidents, in particular as pertaining to human life and health. Special safety features have been built into cars for years, some for the safety of car's occupants only, and some for the safety of others.


This clutch system is very different from existing system. This system is designed as user friendly to disabled person too. In this project we use the push button to operate the clutch. Push button is attached on the top of the gear lever.

when we press the button, it switches on the solenoid valve which operates the pneumatic cylinder and presses the clutch pedal. Clutch pedal is comprised of return spring that retracts the clutch pedal.

we use the compressor and several pneumatic components for the air supply. As the button is attached to the gear lever, it is easy for disabled person to operate the clutch by a single press.


Hand Clutch for Disabled

• It requires simple maintenance cares

• The safety system for automobile.

• Checking and cleaning are easy, because of the main parts are screwed.

• Easy to Handle.

• Repairing is easy.

• Replacement of parts is easy.

• Used by disabled persons.


It is very much useful for Car Owners & Auto-garages.

Thus it can be useful for the following types of vehicles;



3) FIAT,



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