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Automatic Side Indicator and Door Closing System

Published on Sep 03, 2023


Technological approaches for detecting and monitoring fatigue levels of driver fatigue continue to emerge and many are now in the development, validation testing, or early implementation stages. Now a day’s automation plays a vital role in major areas especially in automobiles. Previous studies have reviewed available fatigue detection and prediction technologies and methodologies. As the name indicates this project is about advanced technologies in cars for making it more intelligent and interactive for avoiding accidents on roads.

By using pneumatic system becomes more efficient, reliable & effective. There are very less number of systems implemented on human behaviour detection in or with cars. In this paper, we are going to control the side indication control of automobiles through automation control and also a safety system for avoiding accidents in high ways due to the sudden activation of the car doors, with the help of this system automatic closing of car door is attained by controlling it with the help of IR sensor. So this system is one of the efficient and provides safety circumstances in several sudden cases which causes severe damage to the environment.


An automobile has been used to move human beings or something since the automobile was invented and the automobile technology has been developed within the last few years. In nowadays, the intelligent car with adaptive cruise control, lane keeping technology, auto-parking system, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), and prevent pre-crashing system has been equipped because we need the convenient and intelligent car. These new automobile technologies are made possible by the development of semiconductor technology, optical technology and software technology.

The use of electronic components in automobiles is set to accelerate and with ongoing efforts to improve safety and comfort. 250 electronic components are used in a car, for example, 50 MCUs are used in a car. Therefore, car makers in Europe and Japan are developing for safety such as both collision safety and preventive safety and new car technology for intelligent car such as intelligent transport system (ITS), rear view camera system, Road-to-vehicle and Inter-Vehicle Communication Systems, auto-parking system, hybrid car, electric car, and hydrogen fueled car.

Car makers are beginning to develop equipment for high-end vehicles with systems to sense roadway conditions using cameras, radar, sensors and such in an effort to avoid accidents. The traffic accident is increasing as automobile production has been increasing. It is important to prevent accidents and to protect the driver and pedestrian when accidents were occurred. Therefore, pre-crashing system will be demanded.

The pre-crash system is to prevent front-end, rear-end, right-turn and left-turn accidents on roads with poor visibility by using sensor network to find invisible vehicles, which are to be detected by autonomous on-vehicle sensors. The pre-crashing system is processing the sensor data and controlling the vehicle to prevent front-end, rear-end accidents and accidents caused by careless driving. The development of such systems to automatically control vehicles and avoid accidents will accelerate in the future. In this paper, we designed the auto-braking system which keeps a distance between the front car and driver car to prevent accident using sensor and fabricated it using FPGA and VHDL. The power consumption of system was very small and another sensor or camera will be added easily. The performance of the system was good.


Automatic Side Indicator


The working prototype consists of steering arrangement which is located by mounting it rigidly to the frame arrangement. Two limit switches are placed at right and left extent corner of the steering wheel shaft. when the steering wheel is powered that is when it is tilted towards right then the limit switch attached at that portion gets activated and this activates the indicator at that portion so automatic activation of indicator is satisfied. If the driver or passenger opens the door in the highway without noticing the status of the vehicles, then the crash of door occurs along with a major defect. So an IR sensor is installed at certain distance from the door arrangement when the IR sensor receives the signal of object it just activates the solenoid valve for regulating the flow through the cylinder, due to this cylinder gets retracted and the door is closed. Thus the automatic closing of door is also satisfied.


• Construction is simple and cost efficient one.

• System provides extra safety for the drivers as well as for the vehicles.

• Maintenance free.

• No need of skilled operators.


• For all automobile applications especially for four wheelers where accident is more common one.

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