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Automatic Side Stand Repossess System

Published on Sep 03, 2023


In this projectwe are going to introduce a new technique to repossess the side stand,while the vehicle starts based when the force act on the seat. In the existing system, the retrieve system is only based on the movement of the front wheel or back wheel. The implementation of electronic sensors helps to reduce the complexity of system made existing system. The proposed system working based,thatthe force sensors placed in the down state of the seat and interlinked with the controller and driving motors.

The force sensor sensed the maximum force above 40kg. It gives a signals to the controller and starts to drive the system based on the program dumped in the controller. The rotation of the motor is depend upon the height of the stand. The prototype model is gives the clear out look of this project and proceeding the process to the next level for the future role.


Side Stand Retrieval System:

The stand is fixed in the plate with the help of spring arrangement and a rod is used to block the stand in one position. A clutch wire is tied at the one end of the rod and the other end of the wire is connected with the clutch lever by means of a pulley. The movement of the rod depends upon the lever operation. The rod moves forward when the clutch lever is released and the rod moves backward when the lever is pressed. The movement of the rod is carried out by means of a pulley and spring arrangement. There are two wheels attached front and rear end of the model.

Sprocket side stand retrieve system retrieves the side stand automatically if the rider forgets to lift the side stand while moving the bike. It works based on the working principle of the two-wheelers .every bikes transmit power from engine’s pinion to the rear wheel i.e. rotary motion of the pinion makes the linear motion of the chain. That linear motion of the chain is absorbed by rear wheel’s sprocket and converted into rotary motion. That rotary motion of the rear wheel makes the bikes to move. Based on this Sprocket side stand retrieve system is designed.

Side stand Returning system based speed sensor:

In this mechanism consists of D.C. motor powered by motorcycles battery. Connected to the worm and worm gear mechanism for reduction of speed of motor and multiply the torque. The motor is actuated by the Rotation sensor which is mounted on the front of the wheel.

The KMI 15/X and KMI 16/x are magneto resistive sensor modules with an integrated signal conditioning electronics to provide a simple and cost effective solution for rotational speed measurements. Due to their compact design, they are simple to design-in and therefore time-to-market is significantly reduced. The KMI sensor modules consist of the magneto resistive sensor element, a permanent magnet fixed to this sensor and the integrated signal conditioning circuit designed in bipolar technology.


In this proposed work, we are introducing a new technique related to the mechanical force acting on the seat, the force will be taken as an analog value which was interrupted to the controller to convert the digital electric signal to derive the motor to release the side stand automatically. The power source will be taken from the battery source which was connected to the ignition system of the two wheeler.

Here we are using any one of the following sensors:

Piezoresistive strain gauge:

Uses the piezoresistive effect of bonded or formed strain gauges to detect strain due to applied force, resistance increasing as forcedeforms the material. Common technology types are Silicon (Monocrystalline), Polysilicon Thin Film, Bonded Metal Foil, Thick Film, and Sputtered Thin Film. Generally, the strain gauges are connected to form a Wheatstone bridge circuit to maximize the output of the sensor and to reduce sensitivity to errors. This is the most commonly employed sensing technology for general purpose forcemeasurement.


Uses a diaphragm and forcecavity to create a variable capacitor to detect strain due to applied force, capacitance decreasing as forcedeforms the diaphragm. Common technologies use metal, ceramic, and silicon diaphragms.


Techniques include the use of the physical change of an optical fiber to detect strain due to applied force. A common example of this type utilizes Fiber Bragg Gratings. This technology is employed in challenging applications where the measurement may be highly remote, under high temperature, or may benefit from technologies inherently immune to electromagnetic interference. Another analogous technique utilizes an elastic film constructed in layers that can change reflected wavelengths according to the applied force(strain).


• It reduce the human effort,

• It does not required any additional power sources,

• Compact in size, so there is no need of more space to initialize,

• Prevent from accidents,

• Complexity of the circuit is reduced.


• It can be used in all type of two wheelers


Automatic Side Stand

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