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Gyro Stabilized For Two Wheelers

Published on Sep 03, 2023


We consider active gyroscopic stabilization of unstable bodies such as two-wheeled monorails, two wheeled cars, or unmanned bicycles. It has been speculated that gyroscopically stabilized monorail cars

would have economic advantages with respect to brail cars, enabling the cars to take sharper curves and traverse steeper terrain, with lower installation and maintenance costs. A two-wheeled, gyro-stabilized car was actually constructed in 1913.

The dynamic stabilization of a monorail car or two-wheeled automobile requires that a torque acting on the car from the outside be neutralized by a torque produced within the car by a gyroscope. The gyroscope here is used as an actuator, not a sensor, by using precession forces generated by the gyroscope.

When torque is applied to an axis normal to the spin axis, causing the gyroscope to process, a moment is produced about a third axis, orthogonal to both the torque and spin axes.

As the vehicle tilts from vertical, a precession-inducing torque is applied to the gyroscope cage such that the resulting gyroscopic reaction moment will tend to right the vehicle. The key idea is that motion of the gyroscope relative to the body is actively controlled in order to generate a stabilizing moment.


Motorbike is a very popular transport around the globe. It has been very popular due to its energy efficiency, compact design, convenience and attractive look. Many youngsters consider it as fashionable ride while people in the developing country often use it as a low priced vehicle with better fuel efficiency.

However, despite of the features and popularity motorbike has lack of safety and is very risky. Therefore, motorbike accidents are fatal. An injury is must while death is more frequent scenario.

The major lacking in motorbike addressing the safety features are the passenger’s body is exposed during ride time which allows the passengers to get off the vehicle and exposes him to impact with roadside elements and the chance of damage is limitless.

On the other hand, many people do not consider it as a transport as it does not have the comfort features like the car while two-wheel vehicle can save energy and space.

We designed a vehicle which has both the cabin comfort of a car and the compactness of a motorbike. It has the safety features which can minimize the damage during an impact. The vehicle also has luxury features and still cost effective.

Gyro Stabilized


Gyro Stabilized


Gyro Stabilized


The gyroscopes which are conventionally used in airplanes and ships mainly for stabilization purpose can be effectively used for self-stabilization of a two wheeled vehicle. The prototype mentioned above was thus designed and fabricated to validate the same point. The concept with advanced electronics is further evolved to development of a concept car by Lit motors that not only stabilizes but also self-balances even if the external force(s) is applied.

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