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Foldable Electric Tricycle

Published on Sep 03, 2023


This project-folding electric tricycle is developed to make the automobile a more environment friendly vehicle, problems of parking. It consumes less fuel when compared to other ordinal bikes available. This bike is more useful at the time of breakdowns, the provisions are made in such a way that the electric tricycle can be folded and an arrangement of a suitcase helps to cover this folded bike. This suitcase can be rolled anywhere.

The folding electric tricycle originally developed for the use in times of breakdowns, traffic jams etc., and since it is portable it can be carried on top any place. This type of bike consists of mainly a folding arrangement and a folding suitcase.

This has vast applications by superseding the disadvantage of an ordinary bike.



Maybe the turn of the century ought to be a few years away. But properties like fast depleting oil resources, ever increasing traffic snags, problems of parking and the need to make the automobile a more environment friendly vehicle, designers are back drawing boards, trying to hit upon a novel concept that will completely alter the conventional design. This prompted us to make a bike with certain modifications and development.


This is revolutionary and Eco-friendly electric tricycle, requiring negligible storing space. It can be used in conjunction with public transport. E.g. A person travelling from one part of a city to its suburbs can travel from his home on this vehicle to the railway station, to the port or to the bus depot, he can simply fold and put his electric tricycle in the bag, carry it and transport vehicle, reach the destination port, and zoom off to his destination place. This will not only fully utilize his electric tricycle’s utility. But also utilize the transport modes available to the public, using less amount of energy (electricity) and thus help by reducing the pollution in the atmosphere. Also the electric tricycle, being a folding one, it is easy to carry in any type of vehicle and owner need not bother about parking it at the destination place what so ever.


Foldable Electric Tricycle


• Easy transportable,

• Portable in size,

• Weightless vehicle.

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