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Super Magnetic Braking System

Published on Sep 03, 2023


Super magnet brake is the innovative concept based on the magnetic attraction of the conducting metals. A super magnet brake, like a conventional friction brake, is responsible for slowing an object, such as a train or a roller coaster. Unlike friction brakes, which apply pressure on two separate objects, eddy current brakes slow an object by creating eddy currents through electromagnetic induction which create resistance, and in turn either heat or electricity. This project consists of the following parts, Round disc plate, Motor and Magnet.


The super magnet brake consists of a round disc plate in which small, small magnets are encrypted on it. It is made to rotate by means of a motor coupled to it. The motor centre shaft is connected to the shaft from the round disc plate. Two iron plates separated by some distance which distance to be larger than that of the thickness of the disc plate provided the metal iron plates will slide up to the circular disc. When, the motor starts running, the disc plate will also rotate tin the same direction to the direction of the motor. While it reached the certain speed, the iron plates is made to slide on the rail such that the round disc will be right in between the two iron plates. The moment when the iron plates moved towards the disc, the rotating disc will slower down and finally it stops.


 Easy to implement

 Easy to handle

 Low cost


Need to put high power magnets.


This brake can be used in trains and in trailer cars


Super Magnetic Braking

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