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Tri Power Generation with Engine

Published on Sep 03, 2023


Power production plays an important role in day today life. Normally power source is classified into renewable and non-renewable sources.

In existing we produce power from wind, solar, tidal etc.… but in this project we implement new concept of power production.

Multi power sources are solar, TEG and d.c generator. We can get solar energy only during day time so other time we can produce energy from alternate sources i.e., TEG. We use D.C – D.C converter to boost the energy which is produced from solar panel.

Since we get energy from multi sources the electrical power stored in the battery can be maximized. By fixing sprocket in between chain drive, we can generate power through generator.


• The goal of this project was to implement the most efficient and less polluting vehicle.

• By using the exhaust gas power generation we can reduce major pollution content.

• In existing we only use petrol source, it costs more and it is difficult to get in some places. So it combines both renewable and non-renewable sources.

• We convert non use heat generation in silencer into useful power generation.


Tri Power Generation


Tri Power Generation


• Engine is connected to the wheel of the vehicle through the chain drive. By starting engine using petrol it rotates the wheel.

• Solar panel is directly connected to the D.C converter which boost the power and stored in the battery.

• By fixing sprocket in between chain drive, we can generate power through D.C generator.

• In running condition it generates heat in silencer so we connect TEG(Thermo Electric Generator) module in silencer.The Peltier module is placed between the Heat Source (Hot Silencer Surface) and the Heat Sink (atmosphere) The module is made of semiconducting materials.

• Hence by the principle of See Beck Effect, the temperature difference can be directly converted into voltage by using some thermoelectric materials.


• Efficiency of the vehicle is improved

• Small modification is done in the vehicle

• Battery efficiency and life time also increased

• Simple in construction

• This system is noiseless in operation

• It is portable, so it can be transferred easily from one place to other place

• Power consumption is less

• Maintenance cost is low


• Use in automobiles as an alternate source of energy.

• Can supply power to any other electrical appliances.

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