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Intermediate Shaft in a Power Transmission System

Published on Sep 03, 2023


One of the most common mechanical engineering tasks is transmission of power from a source, such as an engine or motor, through a machine to an output actuation. This generally requires some speed-reduction. A common efficient way of doing this is through gear-trains. We design and fabrication an intermediate shaft in a power transmission system including complete specifications of the gears, bearings, keys, retaining rings and shafts. The aim of this project is that through this simple, but realistic machine design and fabrication.


Power transmission states that speed and torque conversions from rotating power source to other device. Here in our project we design and fabrication the intermediate shaft for increase power transmission. If the forces are transmitted through gears, it is necessary to know the gear specifications in order to determine the forces that will be transmitted to the shaft


Intermediate Shaft

Intermediate Shaft


• It is power transmission is high.

• Power less transmission is low.

• It is simple construction.

• It is maintenance will be easy.

• Construction cost is low.


• It is additional cost is high.

• Extra space adding this system.


• It applied to the three wheeler load transmitter.

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