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Variable Volume of Engine with Over Load Capacity

Published on Sep 03, 2023


This project deals with the fabrication of Two Engine Synchronization. The aim of this project work is to acquire practical knowledge in the field of two engine synchronization with the help of differentional unit. The project work is concerned with the fabrication of the two wheeler engine.

The additional load (Extra torque) of the vehicle is shared by the two engine is called synchronization. The vehicle is moving from ground level to upper level (i.e. Mountains, kills etc), the single engine torque is not enough to drive the vehicle in safe mode. So the additional engine (synchronization) is needed to overcome this type of problem. This project is very useful for transporting heavy loads with the help of synchronized vehicle.


There are two engines are used, one is main engine and another one is additional engine. The two wheeler engine is synchronized by the differentional unit. The vehicle operates in two modes,

Main Engine only – Medium load Condition

Two engine in synchronized mode. –Heavy load condition

In medium load condition, the vehicle is operated in mail engine only. The heavy load condition, the additional engines also started and synchronize to the main engine.

Variable Volume of Engine


To overcome the additional load of vehicle

To increase the torque

To increase the vehicle horse power

To increase the speed of the vehicle

To increase the engine efficiency


Engines can be sized to accommodate average load, not peak load, which reduces the engine’s weight.

Special lightweight materials are used to reduce the overall vehicle weight of car.

The synchronized car available for sale are very cost competitive with similar conventional vehicles.

Auto manufactures are making this car with comparable performance, safety, and cost because they know that these three elements are most important to consumers.

This is able to operate more efficiently than conventional vehicle.


 All Four wheeler application


 High Initial cost.

 Additional fuel is required

 Two engines are required

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