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Future Bicycle

Published on Sep 03, 2023


Bicycle is one of the conventional transport system which is driven by manual pedalling. It is also a low cost transport system compared to our modern transport system. Later bicycle is developed with the attachment of gears which makes easy to drive the bicycle.

In existing model we uses the chain drive mechanism to drive the bicycle. It is based on the drive and driven pulley concept. In this model it is required to give pedalling on the both legs. It is not possible to drive with one leg and travelling to longer distance. The main disadvantage of this system is if any problem occurs on this chain, it is difficult to correct the problem. It makes dirt to our hands too.


Future Bicycle


In this project we proposes the model flexible stroke pedalling bicycle which replaces the chain drive pulley to crank arm. The working principle is same as normal bicycle instead of chain drive we use crank arm and gear arrangement.

The principle of operation is when we push the crank arm which attached to the gear arrangement, it flies the wheel. It automatically comes stroke position after one stroke. We can pedal in one side or two or both side in this cycle. It runs maximum speed than normal cycle and it has a benefit that when we give long stroke, it will move more distance called as leisure stroke. For maximum speed we have to pedal the crank arm on both sides.


Future Bicycle

• Easy to drive for long distance.

• Maintaining constant speed.

• Maximum speed than the normal cycle.

• Can be drive by one leg.


• Used for transport system.

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