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Published on Sep 03, 2023

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Three Directional Unloading Trailer
Super Magnetic Braking System
Tri Power Generation with Engine
Multi-Mode Steering System for Four Wheelers
Conversion of Petrol Bike into LPG and Emission Check
Smart Electronic Fuel Injection System Using Magnetic Fuel Vaporizer
Producer Gas Carburetor
Design and Development of Solar Hybrid Bicycle
Articulated Vehicle Systems
Design and Fabrication on Hydrogen engine (Water fuel)
Three Mode Steering System for Light Weight Automobile Vehicles
Design and Fabrication of Dual Chargeable Bicycle
Automobile Reverse Locking Differential Mechanism
High Speed Effortless Bicycle
Active Brake Torque Vectoring In Differential Unit
Active Wheel
Air Brake System Using Exhaust Gas
Design and Fabrication of Robotic Elevator
Fabrication of Fire Safety Sprinkler System in Cars
Fabrication of Three Axis Paint Spraying Robot
Fully Automated For Bottle Washing Machine
Six-Axis Material Handling Robot
Automatic Tyre Pressure Inflation System
Automatic Head Light Dim/Bright Controller
Damper Suspension System for Two Wheelers
Different Directional Steering System
Eccentric Cam Operated Semi-Automatic Gear Shifting System
Efficycle and Hybrid System for Tricycle with Double Pedaling System
Emergency Helper Wheel for Two Wheelers
Eddy Current Braking System
Flywheel Attached For Four Wheelers Based On Fuel Efficiency Increased System
Foldable Electric Tricycle
Gyro Stabilized For Two Wheelers
Hand Clutch for Disabled Person Using Four Wheelers
HHO Gas Mixing Of Gasoline Engine
Hand Free Vehicle for Disabled Person
Hover Craft over Load Lifting System
Hub Center Steering System Using Bicycle
Idler Gear
Hybrid Car Four-Wheel With Solar System
Modified Bus Door Model
Pollution Free Two Wheelers
Innovation Car Model in Automobile
Kinetic Energy Storage in Brake Applied Condition for Four Wheelers
360-Degree Car Parking
Intelligent Active Suspension System for Four Wheelers
EGR and Pollution Control System for Two Wheelers
Reduction of CO and NOx in Two Wheelers Engine Exhaust
Smart Wheel Parking System
Smooth Chassis in Cantilever Suspension System
Future Bicycle
Reverse Brake Applied In Hill Station
Portable Cycle
Variable Volume of Engine with Over Load Capacity
Kinematic Energy Recovery System for Cycle
Four Wheel Drive with Steering System
Lever Operated Pneumatic Gear Shifting For Two Wheeler
Hybrid Car for Four-Wheel Drive with Solar System
Turbo Charger at Low and High Speed
Foot Operated Steering System
Fuel Efficiency Improvement and Knocking Reduction System
Fuel Cell Engine for Two Wheelers with Power Generation
Installation of LPG to Two Stroke Gasoline Engine
Intermediate Shaft in a Power Transmission System
Reduction of Turning Radius for Using Easiest Tilting System for Tricycle
Automatic Advanced Emergence Braking System and Parking System
Anti Theft Steering Control System
Automatic Pneumatic Clutch While Gear Change
Automatic Side Indicator and Door Closing System
Automatic Side Stand Repossess System
Automatic Acceleration Control in Traffic Control and School Zone
Automatic Over Load and Optical Indicating System for Over Load Vehicle
Active Steering System
Automatic Pneumatic Bumper and Break Actuation before Collision
Automatic Planter Vehicle
Digital Locking System for Two Wheeler
Intelligent Head Light For Four Wheeler
Sand Collecting and Sand Slinger Vehicle using Conveyor System
Active Headlight Steering Control with Brightness Control
Anti-Down Vehicle
Lunabotics Robots
Robotic Scrap Collecting Machine
Multipurpose Robot
Automated Vehicle Based On Safety System
Automatic Helmet Detection in Two Wheelers
Automatic Pneumatic Clutch and Braking System
Cooling Effect for Seat in Four Wheeler
Rocker Bogie Exploration Rover
Electrical Steering System in Automobile
Multi Task Smart Wheel Chair for Handicapped Person
Automatic Fuel Level and Gear Level Indicator in Two Wheeler
Hand Brake Release For Ignition and Clutch Based System
Fabrication of Automatic Gear Shifting Based On Speed Sensor for Two Wheeler
Fabrication of Easiest Crossing Way of Two Platforms for Handicapped Person

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